Calgary Roofing Companies on Homestars

Roofing Companies on Homestars

Most home owners in Calgary will sooner or later search for Calgary Roofing Companies on HomeStars if they are in the need for a new roof.

HomeStars has become one of the most popular sites for searching for home contractors in Canada. Searching for “Roofing” near “Calgary” generates 151 companies at the time this article was written.

What you Need to Know about the  Roofing Calgary Homestars Listings

All Homestars listed roofing companies pay to be on the site.

All 151 of those Calgary roofing companies are currently paying $100 per month to be listed on HomeStars. There is nothing wrong with paying to be part of a popular site, but you should know that there are hundreds of roofing companies in Calgary that are not listed on HomeStars.

All Contractor Reviews Tend to be Good on HomeStars

With all the roofing companies paying to be on HomeStars, it’s not surprising that most of the reviews are near perfect. It wouldn’t make sense for a company with bad reviews to remain on the site. If you are looking for complaints about a particular company it’s probably better to check on the Better Business Bureau.

The flip side of that argument is that good roofing companies should have a very strong incentive to make all their clients happy. A couple bad reviews can really bring down ratings, so most companies on HomeStars will do everything they can to make the client happy.

HomeStars’ roofers are listed according to number of reviews.

Roofing companies are listed in descending order by the number of reviews they have. A high number of reviews is not necessarily indicative of the best company.

Roofing companies Often Give Incentives to Encourage Reviews.

Getting past roofing clients to sign up for an account on HomeStars and leave a review is difficult. Many companies offer cash or gifts to encourage more reviews.  The companies with the most reviews are often those with the biggest marketing budgets and often profits.

Negative Reviews Tell More Than Perfect Reviews

When evaluating roofing companies, be sure to look through many reviews to look for real comments or deficients. Look for problems that were solved or minor complaints. Those probably offer a more realistic review than the 10/10 reviews that most companies tend to get.

Reviews on HomeStars Can Be Faked

Just like other websites, anyone can leave a review on HomeStars if they set up an account. Given that lots of positive reviews influence purchases, it only makes sense that some unscrupulous roofing companies will fake reviews.

Make sure you read lots of reviews and look for repetitive phrases or other signs of artificial entries.

Should you Rely on Homestars Reviews for Roofing Companies?

HomeStars is a large and growing company. Their reviews are a valuable source of information to find and evaluate roofing companies.  However, remember some of the pitfalls of the site that are discussed above. Also, don’t forget asking for personal roofing referrals from friends and family. You can trust your friends and family more than strangers on websites.

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