Asking for Calgary Roofing Company Referrals

If you are going to invest thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof in Calgary, it makes sense you should take time to select a professional and reliable roofing company. With hundreds of roofing companies in Calgary to choose from, how will you know you are making the best choice?

Calgary Roofing Referrals

Getting first-hand referrals from friends or neighbors is often the best way to find a good reliable roofing company. If someone you know had roofing work recently done on their home ask if they were happy with the roofing contractor.

Make sure you get some specific details about the roofing company. If your friend or neighbour can’t answer detailed questions about the quality of the roofing work, maybe they don’t really know if the quality was good or not. They may have had a very friendly and polite roofing crew that did shoddy work. It’s hard to judge the quality of  a roof from the ground.

Here are some questions you might consider asking:

1. How was the roofing company chosen?

Did your friend or neighbour do due diligence on selecting the roofing company? Did they check referrals and online reviews? Did they get a referral from a friend as well?

Knowing that this particular roofing company passed your friend’s tests, as well as yours, will add some security to your roofing company choice in Calgary.

2. Was the work done on time?

With a hot construction market like Calgary, many contractors find it easy to break commitments or become very late completing jobs. Punctuality and keeping time commitments say a lot about the the quality of the roofing company. If they don’t show up when they say they will, what other promises are they likely to break? Unfortunately, with so much work readily available, many contractors have little need to keep their promises.

3. Was the Roof Completed Correctly?

Judging the quality of a completed roofing job can be very difficult. Understandably, many homeowners are not interested in climbing a ladder to make sure their new roof was satisfactorily installed.

Even then, it can take months or years for poor roof installation to become evident through roof damage, water leaks or other problems. So how do you judge the quality of a roofing job?

4. Did the roofing company show in-progress photos?

A roofing company that takes the time to take pictures of their work and show them to the home owner, is probably confident in the quality of their roofing.  Ask for photos at each stage of the roofing job, so that you can see what was done before it’s all covered up.  Photos of more difficult to roof areas are particularly telling.

5. Did the roofing company clean up around your house everyday and especially after the job was finished?

One of the biggest complaints of roofing customers is about the mess left behind by the roofing company.  If the company doesn’t clean up after their roofing jobs, then what other parts of the roof are they neglecting?

6.  How is the roof now?

Is the roof showing any signs of problems? Has you friend or neighbour bothered to check?

Depending on the quality of roofing shingles used, a new roof should last for many years. If the roof is showing any signs of problems, it could be an indication of shoddy roof installation.

Getting referrals from friends and family is not infallible. Make sure you ask the right questions to make sure the roofing company you are inquiring about really did a good job and why. Don’t take chances if you are going to invest thousands of dollars into your new roof.

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