How a Choose a Roofing Company: Questions to Ask

Most Roofers in Calgary, Alberta or even Canada are not typically certified. Basically, anyone can become a roofer and that is a big reason why there are so many problems with roofing companies.

You don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on a new roof so take time to evaluate potential roofing companies as best you can. Here are some tips and questions to help you choose the best contractor.


How long has the roofing company been  in business?

More years in business are likely an indication of a better company. There are many lower quality roofers that shut down old companies and reopen under a different brand. An older established roofing company is a good sign the company will do a good job.

What is the company’s address?

While there are many smaller, but quality roofing contractors that operate out of their home, having a permanent office is a a good indication of the staying power of the company. If you get an address, it’s not a bad idea to drive by their office and see if it really is a legitimate company.

What does the roofing company’s website look like?

While a pretty website doesn’t necessarily lead to better roofing jobs, a nice online presence is an indication that the company cares. It’s not so difficult or expensive to put a nice looking website up now, so there really isn’t much excuse for having a poor web presence.

Does the roofing company answer their phone?

If you have trouble contacting the roofer before the job starts, you’re very likely to have problems contacting them during the job and after, should you need assistance. Demand prompt and courteous responses to all your calls and email.

What do the vehicles and staff of the roofing company look like?
You can’t always judge a book by its cover, but looks are important. A company that cares about their public appearance is likely to care more about doing a good job on your new roof.

Who is going to do the work?

Many companies subcontract work out to other roofers, which means the person you hired is not going to do the work. That is not always a bad thing, particularly if the company you hired closely manages the subcontractors. However, subcontractors are never going to care as much as the owner or employees of a roofing company.

Also, subcontractors almost always get paid by the job so there is a big incentive to rush the work and cut corners.

Does the roofing company have reviews on HomeStars?

HomeStars is one of the top websites to find online reviews for Calgary roofing companies. 

Does the company have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau?

It doesn’t hurt to do a quick search of the company with the Better Business Bureau in Calgary. However, keep in mind that the worst companies are likely to shut down old companies and reopen under new names.

Ask the roofing company what brand of roofing materials they will primarily use.

Reputable companies will often get mentions on suppliers websites so go to the shingle or roofing material supplier to see if you can find any links to the company you are thinking of hiring. Call the supplier as well and ask if this roofing company pays their bills on time and how long they have been purchasing the roofing materials.

Ask for references from recent completed roofing jobs.

No reputable roofing company will have trouble finding a few past customers for you to contact to inquire about the quality of work. Get references and make sure you ask detailed questions about:

  • When the work was done?
  • How much it costed?
  • How long did it take to get completed?
  • Was the company on budget?
  • Was the work completed on schedule?
  • Did the workers clean up after themselves?

Asking a lot of questions will help you determine if the referral is legitimate and how good the finished roof was.

Always ask for a written quote before you decide.

Don’t get pressured into hiring the first roofing company. Get detailed quotes from several companies and take time evaluating each offer.

Cheaper is rarely better. If you get a very low offer, expect some problems with quality or service.

Don’t take chances when choosing a roofing company. Researching each company you are considering will likely save you lots of trouble and money later on.

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