Online Searches for Roofing Companies in Calgary

The internet is by far the fastest and best way to search for roofing companies and other contractors or businesses. Not only can you find long lists of relevant, local roofing contractors, but you can also see online reviews, ratings and complaints about the company.

“Roofing Calgary” on Google

One of the best places to start is by doing a search for:

“Roofing Calgary” on Google.

Click on the link above and you’ll get a long list of companies, but be careful with the results.

“Roofing Calgary” Top Listings

The highest three roofing  companies are paid advertisements. This is no indication of the popularity or quality of the roofing company. They are only the highest bidders for advertising on “Roofing Calgary.”

Roofing Calgary Top Ads

Side Bar Advertising for “Roofing Calgary”

All the roofing company listings on the right side of the page are also advertisements.

Calgary Roofing Sidebar Ads

First 3 “Roofing Calgary” Organic Search Results

Organic search results means that these companies have pages that naturally rank in Google. These roofing companies are not paying for the searches. This only tells you that Google likes the quality of their web pages. This generally means that they are good at online marketing.

Roofing Calgary Top 3 Results

“Roofing Calgary” Local Search Results

This next section are special search results in that these roofing companies will only show up if you are searching in Calgary.

Calgary Roofing Local Search

If you were in the United States and searched for “Calgary Roofing” you wouldn’t see these results.

You can also see the stars under these listings. They are Google’s own review system. Those reviews can be faked to some degree, but they are often accurate.  The main problem is that Google reviews are not that popular for most home contractors in Canada.

Check out the third listing in the organic search results above “HomeStars roofing Calgary.” You’ll see that there are many more Calgary roofing companies and all have many more reviews than the Google ratings. HomeStars is definitely the dominant home contractor review site in Canada.

The popular review site in the US, Angie’s List is making some headway in Canada, but at the time of writing this article, they don’t have any category for roofing companies in Calgary.

Next “Calgary Roofing” Search Results

Finally, at the bottom of the page you can see the 4th to the 10th search results for “Calgary Roofing.” There are only 10 listings per page on Google.

Google makes it’s money, billions of dollars in fact, by charging for advertising. That is why there are some many advertisements on the page.

Buying advertising doesn’t make it a bad roofing company, but it doesn’t mean they are the best company either. In fact, the only real fact that you can surmise from all the advertisements is that they have the money to pay for ads and the roofing companies have some internet savvy.

Finding the roofing companies is just the first step, you’ll have to create a short list of companies to further screen. We’ll cover this in another article.



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