Top 10 Calgary Roofers on Homestars is one of the top review and rating websites for home improvement contractors in Canada. Here are the top 10 Calgary Roofers according to

Top 10 Calgary Roofers on Homestars

How Homestars Roofing Listings Work

Some cities like Calgary have many companies registered on Homestars and many will have reviews.  Other cities, particular smaller ones have very few registered companies. The reason for this is that companies must pay a monthly fee to have an account on Homestars. Users can give reviews for a company without a account, but the company will not have a full profile.

The reason for pointing that out is that having a top rating on Homestars doesn’t necessarily make the roofing company the best. It is only one indicator of many that you should evaluate.

How Homestars Rates Roofing Companies

The top roofing companies are listed according to a combination of both the quantity and quality of reviews.  If you look at the listings you will see that the total number of reviews is a key ranking factor.

At the time of this article, the top roofing company has 261 reviews with a 9.7 star rating. The second place company has 211 reviews with a 10 star rating. The third place company has 146 review with a 9.8 star rating.

How Companies Get Reviews

In order to post a review, past roofing customers must set up a Homestars account. This can be a large barrier so many roofing companies offer incentives for posting a review like gift certificates or even cash.

That means that the reviews tend to be overwhelmingly positive. No company would want to encourage an unhappy customer to post a review.

One of the best ways to find a good roofer is to look for slightly less than perfect reviews. That is likely to give you a more balanced opinion.

For example, Calgary Roofing Company Tony William, has a 9.4 star rating, but one reviewer left a 1 star review. That will obviously weigh heavily on their overall average.

Top 10 Calgary Roofers according to

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  1. Done Right Roofing – 261 Reviews – 9.7 Stars
  2. National Star Roofing Specialists – 211 Reviews – 10 Stars
  3. MAX green Windows, Doors, and Exteriors – 146 Reviews – 9.8 Stars
  4. United Roofing – 83 Reviews – 9.7 Stars
  5. Roof Right Solutions – 45 Reviews – 10 Stars
  6. Mega Roofing & Exteriors Inc – 38 Reviews – 9.9 Stars
  7. Interlock Metal Roofing – 92 Reviews – 8.7 Stars
  8. Calgary Elite Roofing – 34 Reviews – 9.9 Stars
  9. Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors Inc.  – 34 Reviews -9.7 Stars
  10. Legacy Exteriors – 27 Reviews – 9.8 Stars

There are many other review sites for home contractors like roofers now, but in Canada Homestars still appears to be the winner.

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